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Er. GK Singh - Atomos Classes

JEE [Main + Advanced]

Intelligently crafted JEE Division By Er. G. K. Singh closely moulds and crafts the aspirants with what they want to be, where they wish to go and how they want to make it. Every student at "Atomos Classes" is a mission for us.

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JEE preparation requires a sharp, curious and keen mind, focuses attention, consistent efforts and strict discipline. Targetting an Engineering career with the firm foundations at "Atomos Classes" is advantageous for the students and gives them an edge.

The prodigy of "Atomos Classes" has already gathered a lot of attention to IIT aspirants all across the country. The classroom student of JEE division has proved its excellence by producing best result in IIT JEE – 2015 in Meerut, which proves the efficacy and effectiveness of Er. G. K. Singh supportive system and competitive environment with large pool of talented students.

Teaching consists of concepts building classes, smart study material and intelligent test system. To achieve best all-round performance, student are prepared in three layers – fro Boards, JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED, assisted with doubt removal session for extra help. utmost care is taken in the preparation of test papers so as to assure the perfect coherence with the real test papers.

  •  Concept Building Lectures
  •  JEE Main Test
  •  DPP – Daily Practice Problem
  •  Revision classes
  •  JEE Advanced Test
  •  Topic wise Booklets
  •  Doubt Sessions
  •  Intelligent Test System
  •  Board Work – Sheets & Booklet
  •  Question Banks
  •  Board Pattern Test
  •  JEE main Online Test Practice
  •  Score Test
  •  Score Advanced Test

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